In the world of ever expanding technology and blockchain utilization, one thing has become the hot button topic for developers and investors alike: Non-Fungible Tokens. Many people have taken issue with the way common-era NFT’s are utilized and valuated, with NFT’s being largely valued on rarity, scarcity and hype. In reality, neither of these options are able to be used as sustainable, long term business ventures. People are not looking to invest into hype and the promise of future value; They’re looking for investments that provide stable, long term growth with actual usecases and real technology.

We here at Tidal.Global envision a future where NFT and it’s underlying technology is used for purposes beyond a pixelated ape, or a “Metaverse” game that will never leave the alpha stage development board. We envision the real value of NFT’s, with a usecase that solves one of the more serious issues plaguing society today: Data usage and Distribution

Data utilization is at all time high, with big players in the background buying, trading and selling your own data as if it were an Over-The-Counter Stock. Web crawlers and other such data scraping utilities are constantly pulling information from every aspect of our lives. We’re in essence giving third party companies free access to that data, and they in turn take that data and rake in millions, even billions of dollars. Why should third parties get to make profit off of your data, while you can’t? This is the question we’re going to solve with Tidal.Global.

Today we’re proposing a new age of Data Utilization and Utility Services:
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Tidal Suite

Tidal.Global is a fully decentralized collection of Productivity Web Applications built on the Polygon Matic Blockchain and our own custom blockchain: HaxionChain. Think of Tidal Suite as the Decentralized “Google Suites” service, where we intend to put Data Utility back into the hands of the data creators. Tidal Suite aims to have every possible service available that Google Suite or G Suite offers its customers; with the main difference being our service is fully decentralized, and allows you to fully profit off of your own data. Tidal Suite will have a large array of decentralized applications that will bring first-of-its-kind technology and value to both holders, investors and developers.

Tidal Search

A Decentralized Search Engine

Tidal Mail

A Decentralized Email Platform

Tidal VPN

A Decentralized Virtual Private Networking Service (VPN)

Tidal Office

A Decentralized Office Suite and Utilities platform with all of the common offerings that are seen in other office utilities (Documents, PowerPoint, Spreadsheets)

Tidal Calendar

A Decentralized Calendar Service and To Do List Tidal


A Fully Decentralized Storage Provider

Tidal Markets

A Fully Featured NFT Marketplace to Buy, Sell, and Trade your Data NFT's

Tidal Services

A Fully Decentralized Advertising Platform upcoming events on dates and trade them on the Tidal Markets Platform

Tidal Storage

Tidal Storage is akin to Microsoft's and Google's cloud storage services. By staking more TDL tokens you unlock more storage space. You can even auction off access to specific files and media on your storage drive by making them NFT's or by creating access costs that users will need to pay to access them, allowing you to maximize your value for your stored data.

Tidal Markets

Tidal Markets is a comprehensive NFT Marketplace and Exchange, Like PaintSwap on Fantom. Buy, Sell and Trade NFT's to other customers or entities. Lease out your NFT's allowing you to not only give limited access to your data and information but have the ability to revoke that access. This gives you maximum control over your data and allows you to maintain maximum value for your data.

Tidal Services

Tidal Services is a Decentralized Ad service, akin to google ads. Personalized ads are targeted to you based on information that is bought and sold on Tidal Markets, and other tailored information. A Major Component for Tidal Suite is Staking TDL Tokens. By staking TDL tokens, users unlock new features and services that non-staked holders will not be able to access. All products, aside from Tidal Search, Tidal Email and Tidal Markets will require staking to access at a designated Level 1 Amount. This Amount is currently To Be Determined, by staking at higher levels, you will be able to access the following additional features:

Tidal VPN

Only accessible by staking tokens.

Tidal Office

Live saving directly to your Tidal Storage Drive.

Tidal Email

Removal of ads and Tidal Email Signature from all Emails.

Tidal Storage

Only accessible by staking tokens. Staking more tokens increases storage capacity.

Tidal Services

Tidal Services will give precedence to advertisers that stake more of the TDL token. Higher TDL staking will make your ads appear higher and more frequently than other ads.


HaxionChain will aim to provide State of the art utility to both Developers and Holders. HaxionChain is providing the worlds first “Blockchain-As-A-Library”, with cross compatibility ports to the world's leading programming languages. This enables HaxionChain to become the easiest blockchain to develop on, forgoing the need for complex Javascript, Solidity Frameworks or other Para-chain scripting languages. Tidal will eventually merge onto HaxionChain under a wrapped component (WTDL).

HaxionChain's Technology includes, but is not limited to

Lovelace Wallet-2-Wallet Protocol (LW2W):

LW2W is a revolutionary blockchain protocol that acts as a “Hybrid Ledger Service”. With LW2W, wallet owners are only responsible for the transactions and data of the block that their wallet resides at. This significantly reduces the space and storage requirements for miners and developers. Wallet owners and developers can recover data at any time by sending a request to another wallet owner or developer, meaning that blockchain data is protected and your tokens are never lost, even if you forget your passphrase to your wallet.


Wallet owners and developers at a block have the ability to vote on changes to the block itself, such as how many transactions the block can undertake, whether any more wallets can be stored at the address, whether the block can continue to be mined, and even whether a specific DAPP will be placed at that block.


Blocks will have the ability to implement specialty privacy protocols, such as MimbleWimble, that only affect that specific block. This can be voted on using Per-Block-Consensus, and wallet owners and developers will be able to select which block they want to have their wallet or DAPP on, with the privacy protocol they are wanting to use.

Multi-Block Coordinated DAO

Groups of blocks can come together to form their own collective, or DAO, even if they do not share the same privacy protocols. The DAO Governance protocol would be enacted over all participating blocks, and will work in conjunction with existing privacy protocols on those blocks, if any.

Gas Redistribution

Gas used for transactions is redistributed, evenly, to all wallets on a block. This includes Gas fees that are taken from every possible transaction, be it a buy, sell, transfer or interaction with a SmartContract.

Kwante Cypher Protocol

Kwante Cypher Protocol, or KCP, is a next-generation algorythmically generated encrypted hash protocol. KCP is used as the hashing method for mining HaxionChain Tokens. KCP is not calculated in the same sense that a hash is calculated on other existing blockchains, like Bitcoin, Ravencoin or Monero. Instead, KCP is calculated by reverse engineering a KCP cypher, and comparing it’s output. KCP is designed as “Easy-Encryption, Difficult Decryption”, wherein any selected KCP cypher can have millions of output results.

HaxionChain will have a more detailed white paper created closer to it's release.


Our users can use all our utilities as normal just like our competitors but instead of us taking and selling their data we create NFT’s that the user can then sell on our nft market place. Giving NFTs a real use case and real value.

Our users have 3 privacy options

Create NFT of data to sell in the marketplace
Receive a small amount TDL token while they browse (we then sell their data for targeted adds and marketing)
Block all

Our VPN protects users from tracking cookies and keeps their data safely in their hands.
Tidal.global is the world’s first fully decentralised productivity suite backed by the revolutionaryHaxionChain hybrid blockchain



Get paid to search and browse privately and securely.

Calendar and to-do list

Secure and decentralised appointments and to-do list to add versatility to the secure email.


Expandable decentralised storage for documents, pictures and files, linked to our office suite.


A decentralised private network for a more secure and safe browsing.


Blockchain based communication system encrypted and secure with compatibility to regular email

Office productivity suite

Word processor, spreadsheet, slide presentation and notebook linked to decentralised storage.

NFT Marketplace

Sell your data NFTs, create and sell any other NFT

Specialised advertising services

Services allowing companies big and small a fair and safe chained to advertise on all our formats


Tidal benefits from the following income streams

Administration fees

There will need to be administration charges for administering the adverts to the network

Merchandise sales (our range of merchandise can be sold within our marketplace)

TDL market cap increase (because of increased userbase and staked coins)

Advertising revenue

Blanket adverts, and targeted adverts from those that choose to earn tdl to browse

Marketplace fees

Small % Fees from sale

TDL donations (as a free service people can choose to donate)


Hyperlink InfoSystem

Hyperlink Infosystem is a renowned mobile app development company & the best IT Software Solutions provider based in New York, USA & India, established in 2011. Apart from this, we also have sales offices in California, USA & Dubai, UAE.


We believe with the correct funding and marketing in 5 years we could achieve a 1% market share. Offering comparable utility experience with increased security and privacy in a model that’s free for the end user and the only system that allows users to actually earn from their usage.


Like all start-ups Tidal.global needs funding for its development and marketing. We are achieving that in several ways. Initially we have utilised a private sale on our own website. The next stage will be a presale on a launchpad or an exchange offering a launch IDO/IEO. The final stage will be our listing on
exchanges and swaps.